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Monday, 9 June 2014

Resentfulness and jealousy

I wonder if anyone else finds it sometimes extremely difficult not to be envy. I did today. 

I was looking at my neighbours, sitting relaxed on their balcony, talking, winding down after a very warm day. While I was fighting with my exceptionally active toddler and trying to avoid a fall from the balcony door he tried to conquer with consistency and perseverance I should borrow from him sometimes. And trying not to raise my voice, where I almost succeeded :)

Being jealous is not socially acceptable. But being resentful is OK in general. Who is then to tell where is the line between what is fair, and what is not? When I get annoyed with some people smoking cigarettes when we pass-by, is it me caring for my little ones, or me wishing I could be them, i.e. smokers with brain covered in ashes;) ? (Which is silly, I never wanted to be a tobacco slave, and so far I haven't been. But I am talking about a purely hypothetic ability to do things. Hope it makes sense.)

If all in the world is related, and there is no such thing as objective opinion, how to properly define political correctness?

I seem to be all questions tonight...

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