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Thursday, 19 June 2014


What would I do without you.
In order to hear that from your husband something extraordinary must be happening in your happily ever after life.;) The level of uncommonness is determined by few factors, including: amount of time you live together, usual way of expressing feelings and emotions to each other, and atmospheric pressure (or something equally abstract which can justify a bad moment / hour / day, depending on a situation). 
In our case, the car broke down. At night. In the middle of a motoroute. On the way home.
Until recently I was not aware you can buy a breakdown cover after an incident, provided that it happens on the same day. Equally, I could have hardly imagined myself providing payment details over the phone to a stranger (technically, car insurance call centre representative; still, she was a stranger). And this is me, slightly twisted in terms of securing data and sharing confidential information (writing this blog is obviously not a proof of my inconsistency, not at all.)

Sudden stressful situations and challenges we are facing in everyday life seem to tighten a family. Nothing unusual here though.  A pack of wolves will fearlessly fight an enemy. And when not in danger, they might easily try to knock out each other (I am not too sure about the wolves though. Something tells me they are actually not so brutal to themselves. Not sure).
Knocking out each other in our family goes down to, fortunately;), a set of minor arguments (Zosia, it's time to get up, come on: x 7), or discussions on which type of food is good for you.
I find it pretty unusual that children's tummies have this marvelous ability to fit one type of food when the other is just too much to bear. 'Mummy, I am full. I can not eat any more.' 'Ok, so your dessert will have to wait till tomorrow then?' 'Oh, no, I will eat the dessert. I am full but there is a tiny little space left for sweets.'
Children's logic. Priceless.

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