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Wednesday, 11 June 2014


I just saw a make-up tutorial from Charlotte Tilbury where she said sth like 'make-up is power'.
While I appreciate her strategy, and kind of admire (would I ever applied make-up, and that is a full make-up, twice a day, and had it always on my face? Laziness in me sadly wins here with a definite: NO. Sadly as my inner vanity wouldn't mind a bit of inner beauty popping out once in a while), I see through the need for buying stuff. Always.
This came to me this afternoon, when Zosia told me that I am always shopping. Because I had to complete the grocery shopping list when we were playing together, which is unforgivable, and I admit I was wrong doing so.
She is right. I think a lot about buying a lot: food, clothes for children, toys, beauty products for me (like if that could indeed make me a respectful goddess. Really now, Please... )
To stop following the disastrous consumery path I played with her continuously for the next 15 minutes. For anyone with the kids, It's quite all right.
And later today, I ended up with CT and her make-up. Consistency, Please come back!!! ;))

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